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Good news: The clusters W205, W222, W447 VDO in our shop now. It may be installed instead of "locked" cluster '2015-2017 years.
To the shop added new item "Unlock of cluster" W205, W222, W447 VDO. Details on the shop page, read description of items please.

URGENT! The firmware for emulators 35160 and 35128 was significantly revised.
Added compatibility with the "Full LED" LCD BMW F15/G1x.
By this reason, if you have our emulators purchased before 16.12.2017, even if they already damaged by you - 
you can send all chips to us for free upgrade. Please mail us about our post address and possiblity of upgrade.

We are glad to present the tools and devices listed below:

MB/BMW/Renault CAN Filter + MB TV-free. Device for mounting on CAN bus for Renault, Mercedes and BMW vehicles (since year 2004).

Filter SpeedStop - Device for mounting on CAN bus for Mercedes W205, W222, W213 and similar cars.

MBcleaner - Tool for checking Odometer values in Mercedes vecicles.

BMWcleaner +D-СAN function* - Tool for checking Odometer values in BMW vecicles.

USProg tool  - USB Programmer for Microcontrollers and Serial EEPROM using Serial Wire Protocol, have K-L-CAN interface for BMWcleaner/MersCleaner programms.

D-CAN USB Adapter - USB Adapter for using with Ediabas/Inpa/Winkfp and BMW DIS(VMware) for make diagnostics/Coding/Programming via car OBD CAN bus.


ProgHat58 tool - (in development stadge) standalone USB programmer for M58BW016 Flash device using in CDI4 and other ECUs - it use direct connection to Flash device.


* D-CAN mode works on not old cars, which of them use diagnostic protocol BMW-FAST(K-line 500K) and CAN (500K). with older cars (example Е38-Е46, X5 E53 2002) version 1 Adapter doesn't work, version 2 (MBCANv2) adapter works partially (depends on concrete car control units).