MBcleaner software description and Adapter installation


MBcleaner Instruction is HERE.

The PC Software can work under the any Windows 32-bit (checked on the Win2000...Win8.1) with ".NET Framework" installed, v3.5 or newer.



For first-time installation you will be need these files:

1. The Net Framework 1.1-3.5 rusPack - if it didn't installed yet (installer 56Mb with versions 1.1...3.5)

2. MBCleaner installer is HERE. Caution! During installing  possible changing the Disk Letter only! Please check the path of installation. Software must be installed on the root of drive, like "DiskLetter:/DenCo/SoftwareName". No other paths please.

3. The driver for Adapter:

MB-CAN v1 - fopr Old type Adapter: "USB K-L-Can Adapter" , USProg V3 , Programmer080 , D-CAN

MB-CAN V2 - for the Current type Adapter "MB-CAN V2" and USProg V4.

You can always look your adapter type in the USB device properties (System->Device Manager->COM and LPT ports).

COM port number must be between COM1...COM10. It can be changed in port properties page.



New Adapter activation:

1. Connect Adapter to your PC, install Adapter drivers (see above).

2. Download from this page the MBcleaner Installer (see above), install and run MBcleaner software. Please check the path of installation. Software must be installed on the root of drive, like "DiskLetter:/DenCo/SoftwareName". No other paths please.

3. When Firmware Update window will be shown, check addres " ftp://ftp.usprog.ru " on the field of Adapter firmware access path.

4. After an update, under program instructions, send the next info on the mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

   1: The reason of reference (is better, the order number of this tool).
   2: The Adapter ID shown to you (8 Hexadecimal symbols);
   3: Your Username (login) on this site -
your profile should be filled by the correct data!

For unreasonable users: do not send us your password - it is not necessary to us, the Login only!

Before sending the request please re-read your letter with "another's eyes" and correct the text so that another's person did not guess, who writes it and that is necessary to it.


If you had close window with Adapter ID - you always can look on your Adapter ID using button "About" on the first window of the the Cleaner software, or by double-clicking the left mouse button on the "Adapter" label on the Updates window. How to go to this window - please read the MBcleaner instruction.

5. Close the Updater Window. Wait the answer mail with next instructions.

If the update does not work - maybe your Firewall does not access the Cleaner program on this FTP,

maybe the internet connection is not direct, via proxy as example,

or your Adapter ID still not present in our database because you did not receive yet the mail with respond on your request about your adapter activation.


TheHeader of MBcleaner Main Window shows the current Software and Adapter SW numbers.