Shop: ordering, Payment and Shipping

First of all, we are not a company, we doesn't work with the companies and resellers,

Ordering and Payment

About Receiver's name and Address:
Only correct address writed in English will be accepted, the address must have International format ONLY!
All other languages except English will be rejected, such order will be cancelled.

Please select the real currency for your payment! The order from people who can pay the russian rubles and can't do it directly, in reality looks like as idiot's ordering (sorry), this order will be cancelled. The list of currencies is placed at the left column of the shop pages, marked with "Payment Currency".

If you have just an interest about the full cost of the goods wished by you, just make next: Choose the desirable goods in a basket, spend the order registration, but do not lead up this registration to the last step(ordering confirmation). Due ordering process, will be displayed for you the payment methods (depending on the currency chosen by you), the delivery ways and costs (depending on the delivery country), and the payment total sum at the end step.

Important: Please enter carefully AND SHORTLY the delivery address of parcel. Shortly - because the label of parcel have a room just a 3 strings 8cm length for delivery address and receiver's name. The order with incorrect address will be cancelled!
The field "Apartment" filled with some words looks idiotic, because there must be the only NUMBER of apartments, no more.
If you didn't found the required name of region or city, you can enter the new region (and/or city) by selecting item *Enter new ...* (region/city). If you do not know in which state (region, province with other words) you live - welcome to If you know exactly that your country have no regions(states, lands,...) please DON'T invent a new region, just select or enter "NONE" in the regions list.

The cost of delivery takes from inquiry "online" by the post service. If you'll see the something is wrong with amount, it's  necessary to check up the delivery address (espeсially the Country) of data entered by you in the previous window, or the post service web server does doesn't answer now (try to the order issue a bit later).

All demanded payment details will be sent to you in the mail letter after the full order registration on yours mail specified by you in the order, together with order acknowledgement.

PLEASE DON'T PAY YOUR ORDER earlier, please wait when the status will be changed to "Wait the payment" !

You can cancel your order by yourself if your order is still have a status "Pending" or "Wait Payment". Go to the page of your order: tab "Shop"->"Your orders", open the order, click the link "Order cancelling" at the bottom of order page.

The order should be paid within the 3 working days from the date of order registration, overwise the order will be cancelled.
The buyers who have already 4 non-paid orders without serious reason, get the status of a non-serious customer, and lose the rights to purchase in our store.

Following currencies are accepted:

RUB (Russian Federation) - transfer to the card account on "SberBank" Severo-Zapadny branch.

Euros and US dollars - on the settlement account in the "SberBank" Severo-Zapadny branch too, or you can use any of money transfer systems: "CONTACT", Migom, Unistream, MoneyGram(USD only!), Western Union(USD only!) - because the last two are the american systems and require a currency exchange to other currencies, it cause always money lost at the end of transfer process.

Paypal as way of payment is only for not big orders with total amount up to 800 Euro. 
With Paypal we can receive USD and Euro only. The type of payment must be "To Friends and Family" only. The order must be not more than 800 euro or in USD/PLN equivalent. Overwise, please use another way to the money sending, WU or MoneyGram for US dollars as example. For Paypal: Some users try to tricky pay for the big order by breaking the payments into parts - such order will be cancelled and payment will be refunded.

For other ways of payment (NOT Paypal): we accept the payments divided into parts as you like. The total amount received by you must be equal with your order.

Please don't ask us to receive the payment in another currency than choosen by you in your order!

You will select the currency by yourself in the process of your ordering, therefore you must pay and we must receive the currency selected by you on your order! No currency conversion outside of our site please!
This is especially true for payments with Paypal! Please pay close attention to your fingers when you send a payment, open your eyes widely and keep track of what currency you choose for send your payment!

Shipping of Goods

Because we are not a company, the shipping is possible only as "from private person to private person" only.
No any company name must be used as sender or receiver.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Out of Russia:

- The Russian Post service is with tracking (it's a regular post, the cheapest and it is frequent the longest) - today it's not so dangerous, work stable;
- EMS Service - is more expensive, but faster and more safely, with tracking too. But while the boarders are closed in Russia because COVID quarantine, it often takes more time than russinpost.

Both ways will have a tracking number, of course.

On any question like "It is possible to send parcel using other post service necessary to me" - the answer will be NO, because our region "Kaliningrad region" have a strong customs restrictions, all other post companies can't have a business with us (with private person, not company). They can just provide a delivery of simple papers by the private person.
Other way - You can send to us the person who will present you, then choose in the order a way of delivery "Take away it self", and in the order note please describe the reason or your wish. But in this case, we can't apply any official papers to parcel (for customs etc.) because we are not a company.