07.10.2017 The dashboards are added:

   DongFeng DFM H30 CROSS 2014 (93C66),
   Kia Sportage 2017 (S25C160)

13.09.2017 The dashboard of Toyota Camry '2015 (93C46 TSOP8) is added.

 10.09.2017 The sec.skip procedure for 9S12Dx256 L01Y ( EZS Sprinter/Crafter) is trimmed.

08.04.2017 For MCUs 9S12XEPxxx introduced two modes of the security bypass:

        "Quick bypass" (OK,ESC) - the reading of memory is possible, the write of Flash/DataFlash is not guaranteed. Good for saving of virgin dumps.
        "Full bypass"(enter 'C') - will be performed a test of the ability to write to Flash/DataFlash.

    This was taken to avoid rare (but possible) cases of lost of Flash/DataFlash parts when bypass of sec ends incorrectly.
    The program will ask you a question before every start of security bypass procedure.

    Update your Adapter please!

03/24/2017 The dashboard of Jeep GrandCherokee 2014 93C86 is added.

03/23/2017 The dashboard of Lifan '2013 24C02 is added to "China/Korea" folder.

02/20/2017 The bug with writing to DatatFlash 9S12XEPxxx is fixed. Was often the memory access error after chip unsecuring. Update your Adapter please!

01/29/2017 Added bikes:

    Yamaha Grizzly '2012 24C02
    Yamaha WR-250R v1 '2012 24C02
    Yamaha WR-250R v2 '2013 24C02
    Yamaha WR-250R v3 '2013 24C02

01/20/2017 Added:
    LR Discovery '2008 - Dash 93C56, BCU HC11PH8.
    Honda Accord '2013-2015 93C76.
    Citroen Berlingo '2012 - Dash 25020, BSI04EV-K03 95128
    Hyundai I10 9S12HY64 Km v1
    Hyundai I10 9S12HY64 Km v2
    Hyundai I35 93C66-mini
    Subaru Outback '2011 93C76
    Honda(scooter) PCX150 '2013 24C04
    CHANGAN EADO '2014 9S12HY64   
    CHERY TIGGO '2015 9S12HY256

12/03/2016 Attention!!! The Frequent burning of the adapters due to using of any converters for charge laptops from a car.
    The reason of burning is always one - poor ground in the cigarette lighter plug, it throws the current going through the thin ground wire from the OBD connector through the adapter and laptop!
    Watch for the quality of grounds! Do not insert the OBD connector until you are sure that charging through your Converter is fine!

07/07/2016 The work with chips 08AZ60 J74 is optimized.

05/05/2016 The EZS W906 '2015  "W906-EZS-0L01Y v4" is added.

04/12/2016 The dashboard KAMAZ 65117 '2013 9S12XHZ256 is added.

03/02/2016 Added dashboards:
    BMW E46 SW36 HW32
    Fiat Punto '03
    Fiat Ducato '10
    Lada Priora '12
    MB Sprinter 909'2015
    Nissan Almera Classic '10
    Suzuki GrandVitara '10
    Toyota RAV4 '14

03/01/2016 Added dashboards:
    Infiniti FX30D '12
    Peugeot 4007 '12
    Peugeot 207 '11 Dash+BSI
    Renault Traffic '10
    Renault Logan '14
    Renault Espace '09
    Renault Duster '12
    Suzuki SX4 '09

02/29/2016 Added dashboards:
    Ford Focus3 '11
    Hyundai IX35 '13
    Kia CEED '11
    Kia Soul '10
    Kia Rio '14
    Nissan Patrol '12
    Nissan Juke '12
    Nissan Almera '06
    Nissan Murano '10
    Nissan Teana '13
01/23/2016 The VW Crafter'2014 EZS 9S12XDT384 is added.

12/13/2015 Some Mercedes EZS modules have a cer.capacitor between BKGD and GND points of soldering. It's very bad for the adapter working.
If software shows the warning "capacitance on the BKGD wire" you must find out this capacitor on the target board and delete it.

09/04/2015 The new data writing procedure in CAS4 9S12XEP100 is changed: now the writing any value more than 0 , causes writing 0km in CAS4 - it's for increasing of data safety in the CAS4 if the sec.skip will be ended but not fully correct.

08/19/2015 The dashboard Nissan Almera '2014 25020 is added.

04/21/2015 The software was remaked for increasing read-write speed of large memories. Please update adapter and software USprog too!

03/19/2015 The dashboard Nissan Teana '2010 93C66 is added.

02/07/2015 The dashboard Renault Logan '2010 93C56 is added.

01/31/2015 The dashboards Nissan Quashqai 2012 9S12XHZ256, Daewoo Nexia 2008 PIC16F914, Nexia 2012 PIC16F946,

 Nissan X-trail 2008, Kia Sorrento 2008, Lexus RX270 2013, Lexus CT200h, Hyundai i40 are added.

09/23/2014 The dashboard and BSI Peugeot 407 '2002 are added.

09/17/2014 The Honda Ridgeline '2012 Dashboard 9S12H256 is added.

09/16/2014 The Citroen C5'2012, Peugeot 307'2012 dashboards and BSI are added.

07/24/2014 The dashboard of BMW F10 '2011 HW0622 is added, 160D0WQ is placed on the bottom side of small board. The Volvo XC90 '2007 dashboard is added.

07/19/2014 The brands SMART and MINI is separated to it's self groups. The Smart ForTwo '2010 is added.

07/17/2014 The count of dashboards by different european, japanese and asian cars was added.

03/18/2014 The dashboard of Wall VOLEEX C30 '2011 9S12HY48 is added into "China/Korea" menu.

03/03/2014 Fixed bug with invalid file/path when automatic saving readed dump (for american format of system date/time).

02/25/2014 The dashboards Ford Fusion (24C08, Km), Ford Focus (24C16, Km) are added.

Created new group "Motorcycles". The Kawasaki KLE-650 Versus'10 is added.

02/22/2014 The dashboards Honda HRV'1999, Chevrolet Aveo'12, Hyundai Starex'2010 are added.

02/16/2014 The dashboards Nissan X-trail'11, Quashqai'10, Camry'06, Ford Tranzit'09, RangeRover Supercharger'06, Subaru Tribeca'07, snowmobile BRP Lynx1300 are added.

02/14/2014 The working with EWS4.x on 9S12D64 xL86D is adjusted. Working with A-class W168, Vaneo with 912D60 chip is remaked, changed connecting picture.

02/05/2014 The dashboards Porsche Cayenne/Panamera'2010 with 95640, Hyundai Solaris'2010 with 24C16 are added.

The EZS MB Vito 6395450508 with 908AZ60A 3K85K is added.

11/15/2013 The Lada ITELMA Navi dashboard is added.

09/27/2013 The Smart ForTwo'09, Nissan Pixo'09, VW Pointer'05,  Daihatsu Terios'09 Dashboards are added.

09/03/2013 The Chevrolet Lacetti '07, 93C46 dashboard is added.

08/28/2013 For USProg + MB/BMWcleaner users: Important! Please open your OBD cable connector and check/solder the additional diodes. See the news by this date.

08/26/2013 The Subaru Legacy 2010, 93C76 dashboard is added.

08/03/2013 The BMW E83 HW06 (35080V6), Ford Connect'06 (9s12h256), Kia Rio'11 (93C66), Megane'10  (95160) dashboards are added.

07/26/2013 The Lada Granta 2012, 9S12HY64 dashboard is added.

07/24/2013 The Toyota Camry 2003 dashboard is added.

07/21/2013 The Toyota Yaris 2008 dashboard is added.

07/15/2013 The CDI6 Tricore, modification 2011 is added. The Suzuki Grand Vitara 2007 24C16 is added.

07/06/2013 The Renault Grand Sceniс 2010 dashboard mono (not color) is added.

06/29/2013 Dashboard Honda Civic '08 is added, accuracy +-300km.

06/14/2013 Nissan Navarra'2007 (9S12H128) is added. BMW CAS3 (9S12XDP512): the ISN bytes Checksum checking is added.

06/09/2013 Security skip for EWS4 (9S12D64 L86D) is remaked.

05/31/2013 The dasboard Hyundai I30 (93C56) is added. Module CDI6 (Tricore) for Mercedes is added.

05/22/2013 Working with Renault Scenic'09-10 ( "MHDZ5399J 12/01" ) dashboards is adjusted, added service auto-set = 15000km.

05/20/2013 The Dashboard Hover'2012 (24C32) is added.

05/10/2013 The Dashboard BMW F10 2010 is added.

05/08/2013 The some bugs with Rover TerrainResponce (93С76) are fixed.

04/26/2013 The some bugs with Rover TerrainResponce (93С86) are fixed.

04/07/2013 Saab 9-3 2006-2008 9S12H256 dashboard is added.

03/07/2012 The module Landrover TerraInResponce '2012 is added.

12/27/2012 For Opel Astra (EEPROM 35080-like) calculations is remaked.

12/12/2012 Our site has renewed! The site shop works fully now. Welcome!
The installation files CorrOdo and Programmer are accessible only for this adapter user. Please mail me using the shop mail the letter with your Login by this site and your adapter ID for activating these links for you.
Was added: BMW F800R 2010 - bike, VW Polo 2005-2009 MagnettiMarelli (9S12H256).

10/16/2012 The data correction for DDE7.3 '2009 BMW F01/F07 (mcu TC1796) is added. Works via programmer connector CAN pins, require activated Tricore DataFlash CRC Calculation future for your Programmer.

10/01/2012 For USProgrammerV4 Users - IMPORTANT! Need to add two diodes, see picture below (inside red circle):


09/25/2012 The dashboard BMW X1 E84 2010 is added.

09/19/2012 For modules where it is possible, after reading, shows button SetKM/*C - change module work with European Units: Lexus RX350/450h 2010, Honda Ridgeline 2008. Will be added more modules according info became about it changing procedure.
Now the 1st CorrOdo window have a Units selector (for testing purposes).
If you will see the invalid odometer values (multipled or divided by Miles/Km K=1.6) please say me (with Item name from Corrodo module selector) about it to solve problem.

09/13/2012 The CAS4 on 9S12XEP100 is added. Strongly recommended to use Short RF cabel for Crystal connection!

09/04/2012 For HC05H12 and HC05V12 connection was changed - no need more the Brown wire.

09/03/2012 For Corrodo and Programmer Users - please to reinstall software from archives on site - that it has been much modifed, including Autoupdate function.

07/28/2012 Important!! Displayed versions of all programs contain this version issue date. If you see that after auto-update this date in head of main window did not change and is already far from current date - need to uninstall and install again the program from archives on site pages.

06/17/2011 The Citroen C4 2007-2009, BSI (with its well-known crypto) and the panel Is added. Now the setting with accuracy ~1000km is possible.
6/8/2011 The units for X3 E83 2008 are added.
3/2/2011 Was added (Direct connection to the chip):
1. CDI-D - editing of km values in motor module, in the core resetting to zero is added.
2. Rear SAM - Battery Data - change of all demanded parameters.
3. BMW EWS4.2 run change. It is desirable to put less than 200 km.
4. CITROEN C4 till 2008 - the panel on 93С66 and BSI on 95128.