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CorrOdo software (Odometer Correction)

With it software you can make repairing some data in Dashboards and other modules.

The PC Software can work under the any Windows 32-bit (checked on the Win2000...Win8.1) with ".NET Framework" installed, v3.5 or newer.


 Attention! This tool is not for "juniors", it demands certain knowledge in electronics and abilities to read device datasheets. The stupid pushing buttons with a view of earn money can lead to at least a lethal outcome of the connected device or a heart attack for the user!

In case of successful data reading and decryption, the program automatically saves the readed area in the text file cd****.txt (where **** = full date/timestamp of file creation) stored it in a folder "0ARCHIVE" near the folder of Corrodo software. This file format can be transformed to another (bin, hex, s19, s20, ...) by using the Programmer software.

The DEMO version of this software is HERE. The update of full version is very often, therefore it have a more count of modules and dashboards.

Installation archive file   - only for registered users of this tool.  Please log-in on the Main page.


It can change data in multiple memory places of chip memory where current or stored value will be found:

- Stored in EEPROM odometervalues;

- Module Life time;

- Internal data stored in PowerModule (submodule in some BMW ECUs);

- Oel change data and counter;

- ParticleFilter data and counter;

After changing it make CheckSums Recalculating for memory data blocks, if it need.




After pressing OK button shows Corrector window with connection picture.