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The Filters for mounting on the CAN bus for BMW CAS4 maded with 9S12XDP512, 9S12XEP100 mcus, FEM/BDC module with crypted EEPROM.


type latest: 1621 (16x15mm)                               type old: 1615 (16x15mm)


There are many cases of DFLASH or PFLASH mcu memory contend erasing while attempting to bypass the reading protection in units CAS4 maked on microcontrollers 9S12XDPxxx or 9S12XEPxxx or FEM with crypted EEPROM. Therefore, for CAS4/FEM/BDC was added filtering code in Universal MB Filter firmware for persons not interested to risk.

After success filter installing, the all data readed by CAS4/FEM/BDC via Diagnistic tools will be correct too, similar with data from DashBoard!


Connection inside CAS4/FEM/BDC module:

1. Find number on a Filter board, find a photo with the necessary Filter connection pictures.

     2. Desolder (remove) the ferrite CAN noise filter from a CAS/FEM/BDC board.

             Be careful: Module may have a TWO such noise filters! Need to remove only that that is shown on a connection photo!!!

     3. Find visually on a connection photo the connection points of ground and power supply wires.

     4. Important: First wire to soldering is ALWAYS GROUND wire! 

             It will be do always to Electrostatic Discharge prevent.

     5. After ground wire soldering you can solder CANs wires and power supply wire.

Since 27.02.2023, activation of INVISIBLE mode has been added to the filters (disabling the possibility of detecting the installed filter by all sorts of "pickers" with the Cleaner program).
If you see that the installed filter is working correctly, you can make it "invisible". It stops being detected by the program in the car, as if no filters in this car.
At the same time, "on the bench" without a car, it continues to be detected by the program. Activation of the mode by two methods.
Method 1, manually: solder the jumper M2 on the filter pcb. Deactivation - remove the jumper M2.
Method 2, via MB-Cleaner. In the filter window, after detecting the filter, set a checkbox "INVISIBLE" (near "UNLOCK"), then click MAKE to start the process.
Reset the invisibility mode to normal mode - only on the bench (without the car), through the UNLOCK filter procedure.


Please correctly select pictures and Filter connections!

The list of archives for Filters (the first - the newest on release):

Be careful. In some cars, the Main filter "Cluster-BDC" installed in BDC works incorrectly with flashing of lamps in cluster and much errors in modules.
For fixing of it, please install the Main filter "Clustrer-BDC"not in BDC module but inside of Cluster. 

Connection archive for Filter 1621 and 1721 (Universal with fw v50/v70 and newer) ( 02.2022...)
- inside CAS4/FEM/BDC
- inside of Cluster


Connection inside CAS4/FEM/BDC archive for Filter 1615 (Universal with fw v83 and newer) ( 03.2016...)


Connection inside CAS4/FEM/BDC archive for Filter 1815-1x (Universal with fw v61 and newer) ( 09.2012...)



Here is description of possible troubles with Filter 1815-12.