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The filter produced up to May, 2012, can't work in Single Wire CAN mode. It doesn't transfer SingleWire packets from vechicle control units to EZS, wihch of them work in emergency mode, then it cause periodical EZS restarting.

For this trouble fixing without car repairing, we have a Filters type 1816-xx for W164-like cars only, with automatic switching SingleWire/Normal CAN bus mode.


If after (fully correct!!!) Filter Installing into EZS ML W164 or GL X164, car will works unstable ( chaotic
lights flashing, impossiblity to connect with EZS via Diags tool, the big count of CAN errors in control units), you need first make checking some control units in Luggage compartment of the car and under thepassenger seat - maybe some control units works in Emergency SingleWire CAN mode because they can be wet or damaged. Examples - the rear door control module is wet often, rear SAM too.


Installing into car Wires Bundle ( layed from EZS to the vehicle)

     In this case need to install additional parts on Filter board, in a feed circuit +12v for Filter overvoltage protection (the capacitor and diode).


If you have older Filter with a 5v power supply only, it is necessary to solder the additional stabilizer device 12v->5v (for example LM7805) for connection to 12v car power.


     Connection sequence:

     1. Break off using a sharp knife the wires pair of necessary bus CAN in the conducting going to the EZS from car.

             Be attentive - at least TWO pairs of CAN wires (two buses CAN) come to the EZS from car.

            On example, for W164-like cars it's a Brown pair, for W221 it will be Green pair of CAN wires.

     2. Important! First connection to Filter is ALWAYS GROUND Wire!

             It need to prevent of car wires or Filter Electrostatic Discharge damage.

     3. Clear of insulation a small section of GND wire, solder to it a Filter GND wire.

     4. Solder to a Filter board the wires of CAN1 and CAN2 side, observing polarity.

             Remember - a wire with a band = CANhi (CAN +)!

     5. Being careful, clear a small section of a power supply wire of in a bundle of wires, solder to it a positive power wire from Filter.

             Be attentive - this wire
is powered always. Shorting it on ground wire casuses at the best case the fuse combustion in the car fusebox.


Since 27.02.2023, activation of INVISIBLE mode has been added to the filters (disabling the possibility of detecting the installed filter by all sorts of "pickers" with the Cleaner program).
If you see that the installed filter is working correctly, you can make it "invisible". It stops being detected by the program in the car, as if no filters in this car.
At the same time, "on the bench" without a car, it continues to be detected by the program. Activation of the mode by two methods.
Method 1, manually: solder the jumper M2 on the filter pcb. Deactivation - remove the jumper M2.
Method 2, via MB-Cleaner. In the filter window, after detecting the filter, set a checkbox "INVISIBLE" (near "UNLOCK"), then click MAKE to start the process.
Reset the invisibility mode to normal mode - only on the bench (without the car), through the UNLOCK filter procedure.


Caution! It's only for B-CAN filter connection (M-class, GL-class W164, X164)!

If one of car control units have some bus faulty by Body CAN (emergency SingleWire CAN mode working), then after installing Filter 1815-xx or older, without SingeWire working future, the Body CAN bus may be work very unstable - Filter presence aggravates malfunction in the car CAN bus. For it's preventing we have for you the filter 1816-xx for W164 slow-bitrate CAN with SingleWire working future. Overwise you must found and fix mailfunction on car CAN bus using some special tools, on example - Star Diagnosis (CAN bus System Diagnosis option in StarDiags menu).