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Welcome to site of Automotive repairing and Diagnostic Tools!


We are present the tools and devices listed below:

MB/BMW/Renault CAN Filter + MB TV-free. Device for mounting on CAN bus for Renault, Mercedes and BMW vehicles (since year 2004).

Filter StopCount MB - Device for mounting on CAN bus for Mercedes W205, W222, W213 and similar cars.

Filter StopCount BMW - Device for mounting on CAN bus for BMW F-serie and G-Serie and similar cars.

MBcleaner - Tool for checking Odometer values in Mercedes vecicles.

BMWcleaner +D-СAN function* - Tool for checking Odometer values in BMW vecicles.

USProg tool  - USB Programmer for Microcontrollers and Serial EEPROM using Serial Wire Protocol, have K-L-CAN interface for BMWcleaner/MersCleaner programms.



* D-CAN mode works on not old cars, which of them use diagnostic protocol BMW-FAST(K-line 500K) and CAN (500K). with older cars (example Е38-Е46, X5 E53 2002) version 1 Adapter doesn't work, version 2 (MBCANv2) adapter works partially (depends on concrete car control units).