Programming tool for Microcontrollers and Serial EEPROM "USprog" (USB Serial Programmer)

It use Serial Wire Protocol, have K-L-CAN interface for BMWcleaner/MersCleaner programms.


Attention! This tool is not for "juniors", it demands certain knowledge in electronics and abilities to read device datasheets. The stupid pushing buttons with a view of earn money can lead to at least a lethal outcome of the connected device or a heart attack for the user!



For first time installing you must install USB adapter first into your PC, please see the end of this page.

Installation files for CorrOdo and USprog   - only for registered users of this tool. Please log-in on the Main page.


It can work with many several SERIAL FLASH/EEPROM devices, microcontrollers and systems based on these microcontrollers.

The current devices list is HERE.

This programmer software have one important future: WRITING ARRAY OF SELECTED CELLS ONLY, and whole chip, of course. After pressing button "WrSel" in programm, chip will be didn't fully rewrited but will be rewrited array of cells selected by the mouse only. It's maked for prevent full Chip Memory data content crash in case of invalid data reading before editing of readed dump and writing procedure.


This tool completed "by default" with two main softwares, USВ programmer adapter with wires:

1. USB Programmer Adapter with Cables:

    - SerialMemory cable + RF cable;

    - SerialMemory SOIC-8 Clip cable;

    - OBDII cable (if you like to order MB- or BMWcleaner option in future).

2. Software USprog ( for direct operating with device memory );

3. Software CorrOdo ( for some values correction in some modules );

4. Software MB-Unlocker ( for unlock of Mercedes Clusters maded with Renesas MCUs). The details about this software - by the message request by you.


Futures activated after additional payment:
- CheckSum (CRC) calculation for Tricore DataFlash memory in some ECUs. 

- Software MBCleaner and some additional options for it;

- Software BMWcleaner

 The price for activation of these options you can find in the Shop pages.


The Drivers installation and tool activation description please see on the pages MBCleaner, BMWcleaner.

 The USB Adapter Firmware updates will be done via MersCleaner software only.