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The EZS - CAS4/FEM/BDC - Renault CAN Filter is intended for mounting on Mercedes and BMW F-serie vehicles CAN bus, with EZS/CAS4/FEM/BDC modules maked on NEC и MOTOROLA microcontrollers, and inside Renault Dashboards.



 Type 1621, 1721 (18x15mm)  newest                                            Type 1615 (16x15mm) '2016...2021


After Filter installing, all actual data readed using Diagnostic tools from CAS/FEM/BDC/EZS will be similar with data in Dashboard*.

 Filters have also a TV-free function for Mercedes cars '2003-2012, and for W205 '2016.

Filter 1621 produced at years 2022... now (can work in 2-wires CAN only) you can use with:

Mercedes W156/W164/W166/W169/W204/W205/W212/W213/W216/W221/W222/W251/W447/W470/W907 and similar cars;

BMW F-serie, G-serie and similar cars;

Renault Fluence, Laguna, Megane, Scenic and similar cars with km value in ABS.




Filter 1815-1x, 1615 produced at years 2016...2021 (can work in 2-wires CAN only) you can use with:

Mercedes W156/W164/W166/W169/W251/W216/W221/W204/W212/W205/W213/W222/W447 and similar cars;

BMW F-serie and similar cars;

Renault Fluence, Laguna, Megane, Scenic and similar cars with km value in ABS.


Filter 1816-12 (can work in Single/Double-wire CAN) you can use with:

Mercedes W164/W169/W251 and similar cars with installation into Low-Speed CAN.


The Filters have automatic CAN speed detection.

It need to solder to car using 6 wires:

1 -
Mercedes EZS module.

2 - Into Bundle in Mercedes vehicle.

3 - Inside BMW CAS4/FEM module (F-serie).

3 - Inside Renault Dashboard.

5 - MB TV-Free - in bundle Mercedes Command radio.


Blocker power supply is +5v...12v gets directly by EZS/CAS or Dashboard.

* The Mercedes W156 /W166 /W205 /W222 and BMW FEM/BDC require installing the 2 filters on different CAN buses (it's only if you like to filter whole data readed by W166 EZS).