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16.11.2017 Added X5 F15, 5-er G30/G31/G38, 7-er G11/G12. Working with modules is preliminary, need tests on the live cars.

    The services list shown on display is clearable with "Erase Errors" button in the window "Services".
    Important: The filters 1615, 1616, 1716 with last firmware are applicable to FEM/BDC of G-serie cars.

15.11.2017 For users who have a problem with access of adapter update.

Some versions of Windows and some of the Internet prohibit the use of encryption when you access FTP, 
For such case, to the Reflashing window was added checkbox for disable secure connection access to the server.
Just uncheck the checkbox "use secure FTP", if your program could not reach the FTP server with updates long time.

06.11.2017 Maked new firmware for filters. Added the diagnostic function and reflashing of both filters via OBD.

For filters installed as "Cluster - CAS/FEM/BDC":
Reflashing via OBD will work for only for filters distributed since 06.11.2017 (they have new bootloader inside, b06.0611), 
For older filters will only work the diagnosis and "unlock" functions.

For filters installed as "OBD" (Additional): no restrictions.

The bottom side of window "Filter/Adapter Reflashing" was modified too. Everything works similar to the MBcleaner software.

08.08.2017 Added BMW F30 '2014.

To the filter firmware was added new version of BMW FEM/BDC ( installing as 2-nd filter, for reading correct values via OBD CAN). 

An actual firmware version for filters 1815-12/13, 1816: v75.07.08, for filters 1815-14, 1615, 1616: v88.07.08. Important - please don't load firmware into filter 1815-14/1615/1616 if you not sure that it is intended for this type of filter!!! Overwise you become a much of problems for loading back the proper firmware! Please do the filter "UNLOCK" procedure after update, even if the filter shows state "unlocked"!

For the request of updating file, please send us the letter with the next info:

1 - of course, the reason of your request (what you need)

2 - Version of your Filter (1815-12/13,1816 or 1815-14, 1615,1616)

3 - your Adapter ID (MB-CAN or USProg tool adapter) 

 The update procedure of filter is described in the MBcleaner manual.

03.04.2017 Now to the window of adapter update added future of Filter update.

20.12.2016 In the archive files for filters 1615 and 1815 was added connection pictures of 2х filters into BDC module. The second filter need to install only if you want to see the "right" odometer value readed via OBD CAN diagnostics.

03.12.2016 Attention!!! The Frequent burning of the adapters due to using of any converters for charge laptops from a car. 

The reason of burning is always one - poor ground in the cigarette lighter plug, it throws the current going through the thin ground wire from the OBD connector through the adapter and laptop!

Watch for the quality of grounds! Do not insert the OBD connector until you are sure that charging through your Converter is fine!

15.01.2015 For BMW F30 and similar: the button "All Errors erase" in the Services window erases errors in the car modules and the service history displayed in the car menu too.

29.06.2014 The vehicle X3 F25 '2010 is added. There is no possiblity to rewrite data in modules DDE73, DSC on today.

The motor ECU MEVD176K (E71 '2011) is added.

07.05.2014 The data reset in VGS E71 '2011 is added.

The clearing of "Week KMs" table in Motor module for E60/E65/E70/E71 since '2007 (CAN diags) and F-serie.

19.01.2014 The UIFs adjusting for X6 E71 '2010 is remaked.

31.08.2013 The DDE70 module for X1 E84 2010 is added.

28.07.2013 Working with CAS3 via OBD is remaked.

17.07.2013 The communication protocol for older BMW5 E60 (K-line) is remaked. Update your Adapter!

06.03.2013 The Adapter firmware autoupdate is remaked.

26.02.2013 Working with E65 2003 (ZGW, DDE5, rear PM) was added.

29.12.2012 The some newer models is added. The first programm window have "About" button, it shows all main Software and Adapter parameters.

18.10.2012 MINI R56 2008 is added.

29.09.2012 The working with Services "Brake Fluid", "FgsUnterSh.","Fgs.Check" for E84/90, E60/70/71 is adjusted. Now it works right if change Date, Count or KM value(if present). Don't touch Percents.

28.09.2012 The LCM E83 HWSW:0915 is added.

25.09.2012 The BMW X1 (E84) 2010 is added.

14.09.2012 The BMW F07 GT 2012 is added.

28.07.2012 Important!! Displayed versions of all programs contain this version issue date. If you see that after auto-update this date in head of main window did not change and is already far from current date - need to uninstall and install again the program from archives on site pages.

07.10.2011 The light module data operation for E65 2007 Is added. The operation protocol on the K-line both for BMWcleaner, and for D-CAN is adjusted.

17.06.2011 The function TV-free for E60, E63, E90 is added. It is finished for E70 2007.

08.06.2011 The X3 E83 2008 is added.

20.04.2011 The data clear in a gearbox without switch-off of any units now!

22.03.2011 For X5 E70 unit KBM/FRM the review and lamps operating time deleting is added.

02.02.2011 The KBM/FRM unit for vehicles E9x, X5/X6 E70/E71, reading and deleting of the data was added. The vehicles 3er serie '2004-2008 were added.