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03.10.2023 MCU D70F35xx: Option Security Skip. Details about it in our shop page.

21.02.2023 MCU R7F70xxxx: the procedure for cleaning of secured MCU has been simplified. Details are in the instructions for the program.

16.02.2023 Fixed a small bug. Removed gong when enter symbols in HEX window.

22.11.2022 MCU NEC D70F3524 is added to list of Renesas MCUs. Working with not secured MCU.

07.02.2022 MCU R7F701411 is added to list of Renesas MCUs. Working with not secured MCU.

04.09.2020 The function Write OTP ROM is added for MC68HC711E9, MC68HC711E20, MC68HC711E32.
    Required apply +12v by external power source to one pin of device.
    Refer to the Help Pictures of USprog tool.

30.08.2020 Added:
    MCU XC2787X-136F, XC2787X-200F (Infineon)
    EEPROM M95M01RP (ST).

30.07.2020 About erasing of 35160WT/35128WT, for adapters that never erased noone 35160WT or 35128WT chip come to your hands.
Please open the USprog adapter and check/change the capacitor,
as shown on this picture.

03.03.2020 The read-write of extrenal Flash of module MS43 (SAK-C167CR + 29F400BB).

11.02.2020 MCUs R7F701401, R7F701402, R7F701403, R7F701404, R7F701414. is added to list of RENESAS MCUs.

07.02.2020 MCU R7F701414 is added to list of Renesas MCUs.

20.12.2019 For USPROG adapter only:
We maded the software 'MB-Unlocker' to unlock the clusters W190, W205, W253, W222(oldstyle), W447 and same clusters 2014-2017 year via internet,
with USprog adapter. Need to solder 5 wires by the tool to MCU of cluster.
Operation takes the not expensive Token bought previously on our shop.
All details by your mail request to the site mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

18.12.2019 For better observe of dump, the window may be resized vertically, by the mouse.

17.12.2019 The stability of power voltage supplied to target device is increased.

15.12.2019 Added MCUs Fujitsu MB91F061, MB91F062, MB91F063, MB91F067 (work with unsecured MCU only).

16.04.2018  On our store now available the new option for USprog tool "Eraser M35160WT M35128WT".

12.12.2018 For MB91F376 was adjusted the security skip procedure.

15.11.2018 For MB91F467SA the Erase procedure was remaked: some MCU's can't erase a part of Flash..

13.11.2018 For ST10F269 the WRITE procedure was remaked: some MCU's was difficulty writed of Flash.

16.07.2018 For upD70F3525 the protocol PDX 1-wire is added.

Possible read, erase and write of unsecured MCU's Flash/DataFlash.
For secured MCU (if it was not secured forever) is just one operation - full erase, then write new data.
Connecting is with 4 wires.

27.12.2017 The MCU NEC upD70F3525 (CSIB) is added - read, erase and write of unsecured MCU's Flash/DataFlash.
For secured MCU (if it was not secured forever) is just one operation - full erase, then write new data.
Connecting is with 6 wires (CSIB).

27.11.2017 Significantly revised firmware for emulators 35160 and 35128.
    Added compatibility with the "Full LED" LCD BMW F15/G1x.
    For these chips the next Memory Types are added:
    - "FW Version", for read the current firmware version (1st byte is the version, next three bytes - the date of firmware)
    - "Firmware (Write only)", for update the emulator firmware.

By this reason, if you have our emu35160/35128 previously purchased, even the faulty - you can send all chips to us for free upgrade.

16.11.2017 Added MCU MB91F467SA - Flash read and erase-write by sector of non-secured MCUs.

05.11.2017 The bugs of MB91F467DA/DB read/write (not secured) are fixed. 
    Added sector erasing future. The sectors location is in the connection picture.


23.10.2017 (Added to the instruction for USprog) Read everyone, it's mega-important!

Regards to a bad bypass protection of Motorola chips. Have learned, often the problem is
not in the USprog adapter, but in a cable connector to the target device, and the RF cable
in this connector. All people now love to use the newfangled flux-gel for soldering,
but most people doesn't know that in General the flux gel is NOT intended for manual soldering,
but for soldering of SMD parts IN the HEAT OVEN! The flux gel is made so that it
active (contains acid and be conductive!) only the first half-minute after the heating up to
brazing temperature, then the acid from it disappears and becomes passive, it
ceases to conduct current. This is all correctly only for the HEAT OVEN, where EVERYTHING
is placed inside is heated completely over the entire volume up to brazing temperature.
Manually with a soldering iron, the flux gel never warmed up to the temperature of evaporation
of the acids, the acid residues are always in the mass of gel when soldering with a soldering iron.
The gel upon heating becomes very liquid and penetrates inside of your RF cable and wets the shield
and the insulation of the Central core, thereby slightly "short" to shield  the contacts of quartz 
where it soldered usually. This leads to unstable operation of the microcontroller,
and unstable bypassing of security, which leads to unpredictable results of the security skip procedure,
down to erasing of EEPROM/DataFlash.

The Tip is just one – don't use flux-gel for soldering of RF cable to the parts connected to the quartz crystal!

10.09.2017 The sec.skip procedure for 9S12Dx256 L01Y ( EZS Sprinter/Crafter) is trimmed.

21.04.2017 For MCUs MC9S12XSxxx the pictures of security skip are added.

08.04.2017 For MCUs 9S12XEPxxx introduced two modes of the security bypass:
        "Quick bypass" (OK,ESC) - the reading of memory is possible, the write of Flash/DataFlash is not guaranteed. Good for saving of virgin dumps.
        "Full bypass"(enter symbol 'C') - will be performed a test of the ability to write to Flash/DataFlash. Takes longer time for opening, that increases the  chances to kill of MCU.
    This was taken to avoid rare (but possible) cases of lost of Flash/DataFlash parts when the security skip is ends incorrectly.
    The program will ask you a question before every start of security bypass procedure.

Please update adapter too!

25.02.2017 The MCUs SAK-XC2768X-104F, XC2768X-136F are added.

20.02.2017 The bug with writing to DatatFlash 9S12XEPxxx is fixed. Was often the memory access error after chip unsecuring. Update your Adapter please!

26.01.2017 The MCUs Freescale/NXP are added, Read-Write of CodeFlash, ShadowFlash, TestFlash and DataFlash of non-secured MCUs:


The adapter update is required!

13.01.2017 The MCUs NEC are added, Read-Write Flash and DataFlash via UART:

upD70F3464, 3465, 3466
upD70F3470, 3471, 3472

The working with MCU Hitachi HD64F7055 (via AUD wires) - Flash read only. The Erase/Write Flash works very unstable, work good not all MCUs.

12/03/2016 Attention!!! The Frequent burning of the adapters due to using of any converters for charge laptops from a car.
    The reason of burning is always one - poor ground in the cigarette lighter plug, it throws the current going through the thin ground wire from the OBD connector through the adapter and laptop!
    Watch for the quality of grounds! Do not insert the OBD connector until you are sure that charging through your Converter is fine!

12/02/2016 The ST MCUs are added, read/write not secured MCUs via JTAG:
    SPC560P54, SPC560P60,
    SPC56AP54, SPC56AP60

09/27/2016 The chip "SAK-C167CR-LM + 2*29F010" (module EGS IVECO) read-write Flashes via MCU is added. The array 38000-3FFFF is not rewriteable (bootsector).

09/22/2016 The writing to EEE of 9S12XEQ384 is adjusted (sometimes was errors, depend by the chip).
    The chips Freescale 9S12XA128, 9S12XB128, 9S12XD64, 9S12XD128 are added.

07/14/2016 The module BMW "MPC555 ME9N62" is added - work with MCU Flash, ext. flash 28F800, ext.EEPROM 95080 via BDM pads.

07/07/2016 The field "File extension for saving by default" is added to window of extended properties (by button "More").

03/26/2016 The erase/write procedures for Flash of non-secured MCUs ST10F275/F276 are added.

03/02/2016 The picture of connect to module MC68376+29F400 W10 (CEM Volvo) is remaked, the pad for Orange wire is added. Update your adapter else!

01/02/2016 The Renesas MCUs R5F2120, R5F2121, R5F2124, R5F2125 are added. The working is possible with not secured MCU only. Please update your software.

01/19/2016 The data read-write via CAN-BOOT for Mercedes Delphi CRD3.x (Tricore TC1797 CodeFlash,DataFlash and ext.EEPROM 95256) is added.

 See menu "MC Infineon" -> "TC1797+EEPROM CAN MB CRD3.x" . There is a ECU connection picture too.

01/14/2016 The sec.skip for 9S12XDx128 L40K is adjusted.
For extending of chip name length, was remaked the buffers switcher - the "buf.2" button is deleted. Now the buffers switching can be done with the single button.

12/13/2015 Some EZS modules Mercedes have a cer.capacitor between BKGD and GND points of soldering. It's very bad for the adapter working. If software shows the warning "capacitance on the BKGD wire" you must find out this capacitor on the target board and delete it.

10/28/2015 The MCUs MAC7101, MAC7106, MAC7111, MAC7112,MAC7116, MAC7121, MAC7122, MAC7126,MAC7131, MAC7136,MAC7141, MAC7142 read-write CodeFlash and DataFlash is added.
The working is possible with not secured MCU only. Please update your software.

08/25/2015 The sec.skip procedure of 908AZ60A 1L87J is adjusted.

08/05/2015 The bug of writing in DataFlash of SPC560P50, addr. 0x801000 is fixed.

07/19/2015 The chips pair MPC562 + S29CD016J is added, used in the Ford 2007 ECU module. Allow read-write the Flash of ECU. Update your adapter too!

07/17/2015 The sec.skip procedure for HC05X32 0G47V, 0D53J is remaked.

06/24/2015 The bug of writing end of Flash 908AZ60A is fixed (was write skip of single addresses at the end of Flash).

04/25/2015 The icon of new folder create (yellow) is added to the "Files load/save" window.

04/19/2015 The read-write procedures are optimized. The speed increased on the round of 10 times for the large memories. Please update your adapter and the CorrOdo software too.

04/15/2015 The MCUs PIC16F87, PIC16F88 are added. The working is possible with not secured MCU only.

04/14/2015 The MCUs PIC18F2331, PIC18F2431, PIC18F4331, PIC18F4431, PIC18F6585, PIC18F6680, PIC18F8585, PIC18F8680 are added. The working is possible with not secured MCU only.

04/07/2015 The trouble with 908AZ60 3K85K is fixed. Was pure connect on 4mHz and EEPROM write error.

02/13/2015 The devices Freescale 9S12XHY128, 9S12XHY256 are added.

01/25/2015 The list of devices by National (NSC) is extended. The chips CR16MAR5, CR16MAS5, CR16MAS9, CR16HCS5, CR16HCS9, CR16HCT5, CR16HCT9, CR16MBR5, CR16MCS5, CR16MCS9, CR16MCT5, CR16MCT9, CR16MHS5, CR16MHS9, CR16MES5, CR16MES9, CR16MFS5, CR16MFS9, CR16MPS5, CR16MNS5, CR16MNS9, CR16MUS5, CR16MUS9 are added.
 Be careful: the devices maked as "CR16MFR" in PLCC-44 package, have a self-destruction mechanism when try to boot, therefore didn't added to the devices list.

By the users wishes, the connection picture called by the pressing HELP button, now is sizeable.

12/24/2014 For some of devices with "holes" in the Flash/ROM address space the unused cells will be "dimmed". Please read Help (F1) and device datasheet.
For testing: the EEPROMs SPI M95080-D, M95160-D are added. They (and 95080D0WQ and 160D0WQ too) have a 3 memory types in list: "EEPROM", "ID page", "Lock byte". Read the device datasheet.


For testing: the EEPROMs SPI M35080-D, M35160-D are added. They have a 3 memory types in list: "EEPROM", "ID page", "Lock byte". Read the device datasheet.

12/23/2014 The checkbox "Advanced/regular" is added to the "Prop-s" -> "More" options window.
The difference of modes is only when read-write the ROM/Flash arrays of some MCUs which of them have an unused "holes" in the Flash/ROM array, as example MCU HC908AZ60.
"Advanced ": the previous mode of Read-Write. Reading and writing of all cells in the addresspace by the "Addrs" fields. The manual addrsses expansion is enabled (you can change manually and operate with any start or end address in the Addr-s fields). The Memories menu list have all accessed mem.types (for developers only).
"Regular user": newer easy operation. The reading and writing will be performed for the important arrays of ROM/Flash only. The manual addrsses expansion is disabled (you can change manually in the Addr-s fields and operate with addresses only inside the default start or end values). The Memories menu list have EEPROM/Flash/ROM types only, nothing superfluous.
For the some of devices with unuseful "holes" in the Flash address space, have a possiblity to save and load files compatible with other tools.

For loading /saving of binary files will be shown checkbox "Compact". With this checkbox, the file "*.bin" will be unpacked into the real arrays of buffer or packed from buffer linear address space to the compacted binary file according the mapping of selected device. Please read Help(F1), article "Working with files".
It needs for comptiblity with some of other tools.

12/09/2014 For MCU 9S12XEx: the memory names was changed to the names according the datasheet of MCU. Please update Adapter firmware too!

12/05/2014 The MCUs MPC560x, SPC560Pxx are added. The working is possible with not secured MCUs only. The adapter update required.

11/30/2014 Interface become more friendly: there is a small button "R" near the chips calls "Recent Chips" window (the list of 10 last selected chips).
Now, instead of "int ROM0", "int EEPROMx" memory types will be used more convenient memory names by the chips datasheets.
The working with not secured Flash PIC10F320/F322 is added.

11/16/2014 The MCU Hitachi/Renesas 64F2628 is added. Remember: in access to MCU via UART, the internal Flash will be erased automatically by MCU - all content will be erased!
With another words, after successful connection with MCU, all Flash will be read as erased (FF-s).

11/14/2014 The MCU Renesas M16C M306N5FCT is added. The working is possible with not secured MCU only.

11/13/2014 The MCUs NEC upD70F3370...F3385 are added. The working is possible with not secured MCUs only.
The secured Flash ROM reading possiblity is added for MCUs ST72C334xx. All info see in the renewed Help (F1).
The MCUs Infineon XC2030N, XC2336B are added. The working is possible with not secured MCUs only.

11/07/2014 The MCU Motorola 908GR04...GR60A group is added. Was tested on 908GR16A, sec.skip work too.

10/28/2014 The MCUs Fujitsu(Spansion) MB91F465PA и MB91F467PA are added. The working is possible with not secured MCUs only.

10/02/2014 The second variant of HC05E6 is added (SOIC-28, where the chip marking maded with white paint).

09/29/2014 The MCUs NEC upD70F3333...F3368 are added. The working is possible with not secured MCUs only.

09/16/2014 The MCUs MAC71xx (ProgrammFlash, DataFlash) are added. The working is possible via JTAG and with not secured MCUs only. The Help (F1) is refreshed.

08/18/2014 The MCU NEC upD70F3634 (ProgrammFlash, DataFlash) is added. The working is possible with not secured MCUs only. The link Bitrate autodetect is added. The Help (F1) is refreshed because adding of V850ES chips.

08/17/2014 The MCU NEC upD70F3433 is added. The working is possible with not secured MCUs.

08/05/2014 The MCUs NEC upD70F3230...3239, upD70F3610...3622 are added. The working is possible with not secured MCUs.

07/27/2014 The working protocol with HD64F263x is adjusted. The reading of Flash content is impossible at now, the writing Flash and reading writed in the current session. Please read Help (F1).

07/24/2014 The working with MPC55xx via JTAG is adjusted. Because the very different crystals may be used, you need to write right crystal frequency in the "Prop-s" window.

06/28/2014 The 908AZ60A maskset 1L87J is added to list. The maskset is important for sec.skip function only. If chip is not secured - maskset is not important.

06/20/2014 WARNING! The OBD diagnostic plug of adapter should be plugged in car always LAST! The OBD plug contains inside the K-line switching device controlled via cable from the USprog host adapter. Without adapter cable connected to USprog the switching of K-line will be uncontrolled, it will lead to damage of the switch device inside OBD connector.
Connection sequence: 1) connect USprog adapter and adapter OBD; 2) connect the USB wire to PC; 3) least insert the OBD diagnostic connector to the vehicle.

06/08/2014 The MCUs Renesas M16C/62, M16C/6N are added.

05/29/2014 The English language User's Manual is available on the USprog software page of our site (pdf file) for registered and logged-in buyers of USprog tool, also it can called by the F1 button pressing in the USprog window.

05/19/2014 The sec.skip procedure for Freescale 9S12XEx serie is remaked (sometimes, after sec.skipping, have no access to write anything in chip).

05/02/2014 The devices Infineon XC2000: SAx-XC223xM, XC226x(M), XC228x(M), XC23xx(A), XC2766X are added - reading/writing Flash memory of not secured MCUs. Installed in the modern SRS modules.

03/20/2014 The possiblity of reanimation for "dead" 9S12XEPxxx chips is added. Please update the programms and Adapter, the help by F1 key is ready soon.

03/15/2014 For more stable USB port working, please make the small modification inside USProg adapter, short to GND the pin94 of MCU, by the picture.

For bridging pin 94 you can use the pin 93 with TP7 - it doesn't use in the working. By the MCU Datasheet, the pin 94 already have the pulldown resistor inside, but it not enough sometimes, better to connect it direct to ground.

02/14/2014 The sec skipping for Freescale 9S12D64 xL86D is adjusted.

02/11/2014 The reading-writing of Tricore MCUs in the Bosch modules 2011-2012yy TPROTv08-v10 is added for testing. The Tricore selection menu and connection pictures and the Help (F1) are renewed too.

02/03/2014 The reading-writing Flash ST10F269 is remaked, added for ST10F27x chips.

01/25/2014 The MCU MC68376 (via BDM) is added, for repair as example (read, change device and reflashing 28F400B5 device) right on the board of module CEM of Volvo '1998-2004.
Menu Motorola -> 'MC68376+28F400B', connection picture is by Help button.
P.S. If you need 28F400B5 or 400BX, very cheap - please welcome to our shop (repairing).

01/17/2014 The security skip and frequency autodetect for Freescale 9S12XEx MCUs is remaked.

12/31/2013 Working with MCU MPC5566 via CAN bus (example - CRD2.xx (CDI-D2)) is added, working is similar with Tricore chips - reading/writing MPC5566 Flash and external EEPROM 95128.  Menu: "Motorola", "MPC5566+95128 CAN". Connection is by HELP button.  

12/16/2013 The Flash erasing procedure for 9S12XEx chips is remaked.

10/10/2013 Because the Programmer software name was changed from "Programmer.exe" to "USprog.exe", the automatic update for "Programmer" is stopped. Please uninstall old programmer software and install it again from last installer file from this site.

09/20/2013 For MCU Fujitsu MB91F376G, the Flash array was remapped to full range: 044800...13FFFF.

09/20/2013 MCUs NEC D70F3424 and similar from this serie (working with not secured Flash) are added.

09/16/2013 MCUs Freescale 9S12G, GA, GN (working with not secured Flash) are added.

08/28/2013 For USProg + MB/BMWcleaner users: Important! Please open your OBD cable connector and check/solder the additional diodes (in the red circles, see the picture below).


As the plug 15 is deduced in BMW'200x on pin1 OBD (Dash K-line in MB cars), but in MB W463 is deduced on pin8 (K-line in BMW'200x), if was a curve (rough) insertion of an Uprog adapter in the car OBD socket when the ignition is turned ON, possible have a wrong sequence of giving of a power to the OBD adapter - the first power gets on pins 1 or 8 instead of pin 16 (kl.30 at all cars), thus can burn down the K-line switch ADG1608 (1408) inside OBD adapter. Additional diodes are necessary for prevention of primary giving of a power not on right pin of OBD connector.

07/30/2013 The Carcleaner web address was changed ( -> .

07/02/2013 MCUs Freescale 9S08DV16...60 (working with not secured Flash) are added.

07/01/2013 MCU Renesas M32C: M3085xFJ, M3085xFH, M3085xFW are added (working with not secured Flash/DataFlash), used in CEM Volvo 2008.

06/11/2013 Finished and added MCU ST92F120, F124, F150, F250. Work only with open memory areas is possible.

06/09/2013 Security skip in 9S12D64 L86D MCUs (in EWS4) is remaked.

05/29/2013 Some of Tricore CRC functionality bugs fixed.

04/30/2013 Very important!!! For improvement of reliability of preservation of the data at security skip and speed up of this function (basically, for Freescale and Fujitsu microcontrollers ), it is desirable to make little changes in the programmer scheme. The detailed information please mail the deveolper <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.

03/05/2013 The operations for the *.bin files (UpLoad/Download) is accelerated.

For 9S12XEx Freescale serie: the possibility of conversion of readed raw-DataFlash into EEE(EEPROM emulation) dump in case of a pulling down DataFlash partition is added - read description in the updated USprog instruction.

02/25/2013 The JTAG communication for Tricore TC1766/1796 , the future of reading-writing external SPI EEPROM 95640 (BMWs DDE7), memory type ' extEEPROM0 ' is added.

Operation with old 912Dxx is corrected - on some chips after sec.skip was not written EEPROM.

02/22/2013 The working addresses range is expanded to a maximum (64 bits, 00000000-FFFFFFFF). But(!): the size of each memory buffer remained maximum is 0x7FFFFF, it should be considered at work with addresses.

02/18/2013 The choice of a way of clearing of the buffer by button "New" - to 00 (0000) or to FF (FFFF) values is added in property page "More" .

02/16/2013 The bug with Motorola HC05L28 operating is fixed.

02/14/2013 Operations with area of memory Shadow and EEE Partition for Freescale 9S12XE series are altered аor prevention of casual record in these areas.
    Now the area 100000-10004F in "intROM0" - is read only, the full write and read for this array is possible to make only by "intROM1" memory type selected.

02/08/2013 Working with Dflash/EmulEE for 9S12XEx microcircuits is changed. Now working with D-Flash is possible through one of two types of memory:
    - intEEPROM0 (Direct D-Flash operations, partition at addr. intROM0:0x100040 is read as FFFFFFFF)
    - intEEPROM1 (EEPROM emulation mode, partition at addr. intROM0:0x100040 is read as NOT FFFFFFFF)
    When D-Flash partition is configured for direct D-flash operations - you must use the memory intEEPROM0,
    When D-Flash partition is configured for EEE mode (EEPROM emulation) that it's necessary to work with intEEPROM1.

02/05/2013 For MPC555/MPC563 and similar microcontrollers there will be a possibility of reading-writing connected to MCU SPI EEPROM (memory type "ext EEPROM 0").
    You can change the readable memory area size depending on concrete EEPROM device applied in concrete ECU. It is checked up on BMW DDE6, MB ME9.7. Should approach to the majority of engine control units with MPC5xx MCU on board.

01/31/2013 9S08Dxx, 9S08Qxx, ST72xx4 MCUs has added.

12/28/2012 USProg V4( sale date before 2013/01): for more safely operaying with Freescale 9S12 (9S12X-serir especially) recommeneded to add the small tantal capacitor on programmer board.

12/24/2012 Working with MAC7201, MAC7202, MAC7211, MAC7212, MAC7241, MAC7242 Flash memory has added.

12/21/2012 The erase/write procedures has renewed for HC908AZ60A devices. Now it is possible to change 908AZ60 *J74Y devices to well working 908AZ60A chips.
    You just need to set right EExDIVNVH:L values in AZ60 flash dump prepared for AZ60A flashing (FE10:11 and FF70:71). Read the AZ60A datasheet.

12/19/2012 Working with ST10F269...ST10F296 Flash has added. Please update firmware in your Programmer V4.

12/12/2012 The installation files CorrOdo and Programmer are accessible only for this adapter user. Please mail me using the shop mail the letter with your Login by this site and your adapter ID for activating these links for you!

11/29/2012 Operating with secured MB90F54x MCUs added.

The red wire short circuit detecting on GND (overcurrent) is corrected.

12/28/2012 Frequency output on a cable for microcontrollers through a checkbox in Prop-s window Is corrected.
Notice: If your Programmer stops to work (have a crash) after start operating with target device connected "on board" - then USB the computer port gives too less power for programmer and the board with device connected to it!  

11/12/2012 Fixed bug with writing into additional flash array 91F376G (40000...447FF).

11/11/2012 Added PIC16C7x, F7x in different packages.

10/11/2012 Added Tricore TC1796 DataFlash reading-writing via ECU CAN bus.
    Works for ECUs not earlier year 2011, similar as Galetto, ByteShooter programmers:
    One pad on board need to solder on Gnd, connect CAN and apply owers to ECU connector, read-write DataFlash.

10/05/2012 The Buffers volume (address range) has extended up to 7FFFFF.

10/03/2012 For Corrodo and Programmer Users - please to reinstall software from archives on site - that it has been much modifed, including Autoupdate function.

10/01/2012 For USProgrammerV4 Users - IMPORTANT!
    Please decrease RF coaxial cable length - it's need for success "opening" most Freescale/Fujitsu secured chips!

09/24/2012 The Reaing/Writing pictures for 9S12Cxx/9S12CGxx/9S12Qxx Freescale devices is added. The different data lighting and navigation for "Compare Buffers" functionis added.

09/23/2012 The CRC calculation function for Data blocks in Tricore DataFlash is added. Checked with success on BMW, Mercedesб VAG-group ECUs, still in process for Hyundai. This function takes much power and time by us, it is shareware - 250 euro for activation in Programmer tool.

09/21/2012 The Drag-and-Drop for files with known extention is added.
    Today Programmer can operate with listed below files:
    .S19 - Motorola S19
    .MHX - Compilator output format (.S19)
    .S20 - like as .S19
    .HEX - HEX file
    .BIN - binary
    .MEM - this format use some MCU simulators
    .CFF - DAS/Xentry Compactified Flash File (memory space max 0x3FFFFF)
    .0PA - WinKFP programm dump file (memory space max 0x3FFFFF)
    .0DA - WinKFP Data dump file (memory space max 0x3FFFFF)
    .TXT - Programmer format for save/load simplу text files specially formatted inside. This format is good for store right 16-bit data dumps - no need think how it must looks on real device memory - in swapped mode or not!

    For files .HEX adeed future to saving dump with Address Offset (checkBox "Offset" in File Save window).

09/05/2012 The function of data buffers comparing is changed - illumination of not conterminous addresses and navigation (пермещение) on them was added.
- Function of direct drag and drop for files in a HEX dump window (Drag and Drop) is works now.
- Function activated at additional expense: - ChekSumm (CRC) calculation of data blocks for Tricore DataFlash. It is checked up on Mercedes, BMW and VAG group units . The variant for Hyundai is prepares.

09/04/2012 Changed connection sheet for HC05H12 and HC05V12 - no more need Brown wire.

07/28/2012 Important!! Displayed versions of all programs contain this version issue date. If you see that after auto-update this date in head of main window did not change and is already far from current date - need to uninstall and install again the program from archives on site pages.

11/22/2011 For microcontroller ST30F772,4 - reading, per-sector deleting, the arbitrary record FLASH memory through JTAG is added.

11/06/2011 Chips SPI M95256, M95512 (x5256, x5512) are added.