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Filter 1621 (MB/BMW/Renault) (Code: filt_1621)


MB/BMW/Renault Filter  - the filter of last generation, produced instead of old 1615. For installing into the EZS, CAS4/FEM/BDC, is intended for mounting on Renault, Mercedes and BMW F-serie vehicles CAN bus, with EZS/CAS4/FEM/BDC modules maked on NEC и FREESCALE microcontrollers.

The TV-free function for Mercedes multimedia has added.

After Filter installing into CAS/FEM/BDC/EZS, all data readed using Diagnostic tools from CAS/FEM/BDC/EZS will be similar with Dashboard data*.

The model of filter 1621 is '2022.01.
Improved current consumption: in the active mode is ~10mA, in the "sleep" mode - less than 1mA.

Thin! Thickness is just 2mm, can be mounted in very limited space in the module.

Filter 1621 (can work in  mode CAN "2-wires" only) you can use with:

Mercedes W118,W156*,W164,W166*,W167,W169,W251,W216,W221,W204,W212,W205,W222,W247,W447,W463,W907 and similar cars;


BMW F-serie, G-serie and similar up to 2019 year cars with CAS4FEM*BDC*modules. Please remember, the car engineers are not stupid, they fight with installing of filters! We also fight with them by the new cars come to our lab.

Renault Fluence, Laguna, Megane, Scenic and similar cars with km value in ABS.

It have automatic CAN speed detection.


Power +5...16v

Installation info is HERE.



* The Mercedes W(X)156,W(X)166,W205,W222 require installing the 2 Filters on different CAN buses (only if you like to filtering whole data readed by W166 EZS via OBD using Diagnostic tools). For BMW modules FEM/BDC, sometimes need install 2nd filter too (depends by the model of BMW) if you want to see the "proper" data from module readed by the diagnostics. 


50 pcs. - 100 pcs. 5787 руб. / pcs.
Price: 6092 руб.
Dimensions: 16 х 15 х 2mm
Copyright USprog team.