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Filter 1622V (VW/SKODA OBD) (Code: filt_1622V)


Filter VW/Skoda  - the filter of last generation. For installing into the bundle that goes to OBD connector of VW and Skoda 2015-2020 years.

After Filter installing into OBD bundle or BCM module, all data readed using Diagnostic tools from car will be similar with Dashboard data.

The model of filter 1622V is '2024.04.
Improved current consumption: in the active mode is ~10mA, in the "sleep" mode - less than 1mA.

Thin! Thickness is just 2mm, can be mounted in very limited space in the module.
Big Soldering Pads - good for soldering of filter directly into OBD bundle.

Filter 1622V (can work in  mode CAN "2-wires" only) you can use with:

VW 2015-2020 year prod;

SKODA 2015-2020 year prod..

It have automatic CAN speed detection.


Power +5...16v


Price: 5077 руб.
Dimensions: 16 х 15 х 2mm
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